Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

Amazing, you’ve made it through 2020.

Make this year the year of changes however big or small.  Make this the year that counts.  Make this the year you head towards achieving those plans put on hold.  Make this the year you allow yourself to feel passionate.

Life’s short don’t waste it.

Take care for now.




Have you ever thought about how Colour is your life? You may not be aware of it, but Colour is your life.

Ok, you know that blood being red and oxygen being blue, both pumping through your heart is a beautiful thing. Together these two primary colours make? Wowser yes, that’s right purple. If you know something of Colour Symbology and the history of colour, then you’d know purple is a noted regal Colour: Hmmm your noble heart.

Ok, so Kings and Queens fabbed out draping themselves in purple silks, velvet and precious gems the merchants shipped from far and wide. Ok, in reality, they may have chopped up a few silk cushions and pulled down a few velvet drapes and revamped a few royal sceptres for precious gems when the village tailor ran out of funky threads, and merchants goods got lost at sea. Anyway, your heart is regal in colour. Aaww I’ll say that again, your noble heart, what an inspirational thought. If you want to practice your Nobel wave with a royal hand gesture, well, you can start on that right away.

Colour filters through your being. Your eyes have significant colours; it’s not unusual for brown eyes to have hi-lights of gold or green. Blue eyes can have flickers of purple, but rare (more jewel colours in there) Hmm and how magnificent are the many thousands of glowing skin tones?

Perhaps your hair is gold or with hi-lights of gold or purple, more regal colour.  OK maybe the purple had a little help from a bottle. Maybe you have very similar hair colour, eye or skin tone to someone you know or a family member, but seriously are you going to have the same combination? The chances of that are one in who knows how many billions. Golly gosh when you think about it we are such colourful, unique human beings.

Have you ever thought about the types of colour tones you are attracted to and why? Ok so maybe you are a person who loves nature or loves the idea of non-fuss cluttered decor and gravitates towards neutral tones. Perhaps you are a passionate person who loves being surrounded by bold colours as you’re a daring personality. Or maybe you are a quiet, gentle soul who feels comfortable in pastels. Perhaps none of these colour ideas reflects who you are due to your eclectic personality. Oh seriously do I think people fit the stereotype of such things. Heck no!! That would make most people entirely predictable—good grief, with a heart made of purple the world’s your oyster, never a dull royal, what a hideous thought!!!

Colour is more than looking at a visual object; sometimes it’s the reminder of a time in your life or an association with something or someone. Just consider how green is such a peaceful colour, soothing to the soul. Perhaps you wore a bottle green uniform and swore you’d never wear bottle green again. Can’t see the forest for the bottle green trees? Hmmm, All the more reason to process those colour association memories into something positive. Let’s face it; there is plenty of good bottle green out there. We also know happy memories contribute to a more joyful heart.

Now come one, knowing that your heart is regal in colour, why wouldn’t you want to take good care of your heart? not just your food intake like purple cabbage, full of health benefits, but, emotionally and spiritually. Take some time to explore the wonder of colour and what it represents to you.

You’re a unique person made up of many beautiful tones and emotional moments. Take good care of your heart; it’s not only a regal colour; its health is of utmost importance.

Sunshine is free; bottle green forests need regrowth.

Talk soon,

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Isn’t it great to just switch off, relax and chill for a while?

It’s amazing what you discover about yourself when you are completely relaxed.

Talk Soon,




You are fantastic, unique, lovable, amazing, beautiful, unique, kind, valuable, wanted etc.
How many times have you been told any of these words lately?
More importantly, how many times have you told yourself any of these words?

Feeling good about yourself is like flying with angelic wings. Just imagine for a moment how you might feel.
Imagine you have large wings made of feathers, feathers not of this world. Your wings glisten as they move as the light from the heavens bounce off each feather tip. Your feathers shine as they are full of life and energy. Each feather has a positive word inscribed along the barb as a reminder of all your positive characteristics. Your wings are also so powerful they can hold the weight of not only your physical body but lift you above all the things in life that would weigh you down.
Now, who wouldn’t like beautiful wings like that?

Using your imagination is an excellent way of seeing yourself in happier circumstances. It’s also helpful to have someone say kind words to you. Positive words can lift your spirit. Maybe you are someone who looooovvveees encouraging others. Encouraging people is fantastic as it helps others develop. It’s essential to feel good about yourself with your encouragement too, as it helps support your personal development.

When you like yourself, you are not so dependent on words from others. Sometimes people do need lots of encouragement for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes we need confirmation about redirection or clarity if we haven’t had it in regards to ourselves. Sometimes your wings need a little dusting down to shine again. Let’s face it; there are plenty of dust particles floating around.

Consider a conversation with yourself? Remind yourself of the things you like about you. Eventually, your positives will become a natural part of your personality as you move through life. Knowing you are emotionally independent is a beautiful thing.

You’ll find more good thoughts on developing your awesomeness in my latest book.

You are awesome. Don’t forget it and don’t forget to stretch your wings.

Talk soon




Hi there,

It’s so easy to pursue dreams when you feel passionate. Being full of zest is like a power source that lights up the nucleus of your bodies cells, (nucleus = flashy medical term for internal genetic material) allowing you to shine like hi-beam headlights in a dark alley. (Warning, choose your dark alley wisely and never go alone).

Anyway, So, you’re passionate about all kinds of things like climbing Mount Everest, flying a kite off the tallest building, running a marathon or……..? (warning restrictions may apply to wild, adventurous travel).
Perhaps your Passionate about watching beautiful sunsets. Always remember sunshine is free….yippee. Maybe you’re passionate about growing the largest pumpkin James and his Giant Peach wishes he had exclusive seed rights for.
OK, maybe none of those pursuits fills you with loving thoughts.

To live without Passion is to merely exist. Not being Passionate about something or someone is like getting out of bed in the morning and putting pieces of soggy toast on your feet. You’ll plod through your day oblivious to all the flavoursome spreads out there.

Passion requires will power, What did I just say? Yes, I’ll repeat that with a slight twist. Being full of Passion involves training your will. Oooohhhhh nooooo that challenging word called will power, Yikes, how did that sneak in there?
Yep, lasso your will power to motivate yourself to finish that project, start that new project or just move forward on whatever level.

When Passion fades, take some time to rearrange your thoughts processes. Get the negatives out of the system, especially all those little I can’t be bothered and Oooh what a drag moments.

Turn I can’t into I can, I am and I will. Create a change towards something on  your bucket list, even a small change can rock your world.  Eventually, you’ll cross the finish line knowing your will power kicked in and your Passion will shine bright again.

Make a choice to be a Passionate person.

Sunshine is free, toast can be bland, especially soggy toast.

Have a great day, talk soon.

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Hi there,

Switch off, reflect and rearrange thoughts to emerge a brighter person.

Have a great day.

Talk soon.



Hi there,

Does the word proactive sound like a characteristic reserved for people exceptional at achieving goals? Maybe you think this because of the following:

You look at a pile of clutter in the corner of your yard, quickly turn the other way and imagine it’s a home for colonies of exotic insects. You believe the colonies of exotic insects are yet to be named by an Entomologist (big word for someone who has plenty of time on their hands). You know realistically you need to let go of that fascinating insect colony to finish that awesome project you’ve had planned forever. You know, plans since dinosaurs roamed the earth, OK maybe not that long.

Perhaps you’ve imagined a new role for yourself? You’ve had the same career path forever, and you’re tired of looking at others who seem to breeze through the day due to their ability to create personal change. Everything looks new and shiny in their minds, reality check, that’s because it is.

You tell yourself you’re just not that kind of person that achieves the things you really want.

OOOOhhhh really?

Well hey, take a moment to rethink all of that. Of course, you’re proactive and more so than you think.

Did you get out of bed this morning, get dressed, go to work, school, get your license when you were younger, upgrade your phone, computer or learn how to use a new piece of technology? Did you adjust to shopping isle changes? See, you’re more proactive than you think. All these things moved you a step forward.

So now it’s time to use those same skills of adapting to change and motivate yourself to achieve something that requires your proactive undivided attention.

You’ll find more insightful practical steps in my latest book Innate Independence.

Proactive is not a dirty word, it’s warm like sunshine, get some when you can.

Talk soon.



Hi there,

Creating change to pursue the things you want in life isn’t rocket science.

Change creates all kinds of reactions in people like a battery hen screeching begeeeeerk, leaving you wondering if she just lay a square egg. OK, your response to change probably doesn’t sound like a battery hen. You probably spell your reactions however you want also. However, look at the recent changes all of society make around a pandemic, we react, but we soon adapt.

Using a simple phrase, as I can will position your thoughts about where you want to go in life. Repeating I can to yourself minimises negative internal thinking and positions you to move forward.

Now, why would you let your dreams and visions stay out there in space somewhere and not make simple steps forward?

Anyone can create change if they want to. You can fly high with greater confidence knowing you are achieving or keep those screeching begeeererks happening.

Have a great day; sunshine is free.😊 Rockets are not.

You’ll find more insightful tips in my latest book, Innate Independence.




Hi there,

An apple a day won’t keep the Dr. away; but hey it might make you feel a little more self -assured about your diet.

Speaking of feeling self-assured, check out some insightful, easy tips to creating healthier mind resilience and greater self-awareness throughout the pages of Innate Independence.

You only get one mind, make the most of it.

Talk soon


[Book] Innate Independence

Do you really need the label? What if you could cut through all the psychological labels associated with self-esteem and re -position yourself with a mind of resilience?

People are saturated in therapy sessions, diagnostic labels and have forgotten how resilient we are.

If you have ever struggled with racing thoughts, scrambled egg brain or lived in a dark place you are most definitely not alone. Never give up hope, unproductive thoughts can change as you have the power to change them into a more positive and calmer mind. The brain is one of the most dynamic organs and influences your personality. Learn to love it, switch it off for its down time and switch it on again.