Innate IndependenceBook by Peta Collett

Do you really need the label? What if you could cut through all the psychological labels associated with self-esteem and re -position yourself with a mind of resilience?

Read a Sample Chapter?

People are saturated in therapy sessions, diagnostic labels and have forgotten how resilient we are.

If you have ever struggled with racing thoughts, scrambled egg brain or lived in a dark place you are most definitely not alone.  Never give up hope, unproductive thoughts can change as you have the power to change them into a more positive and calmer mind. The brain is one of the most dynamic organs and influences your personality. healing.  Learn to love it, switch it off for its down time and switch it on again.

Simple Keys to a more positive self

You can learn to identify and apply practical and insightful simple steps to transform the way you perceive yourself, others and move on. It is a lot easier to achieve your dreams and visions if you feel good in yourself.

"I can" re-affirms your ability
"I am" re-affirms your positive self-perception
"I will" re-enforces your action

Innate Independence is an insightful practical approach to a calmer mind and is a must read for anyone interested in managing, minimising and healing.

Peta Collett spent years moving through depression, anxiety, eating disorders and learning self -acceptance by practicing simple keys to build mind resilience. Working through personal challenges without professional, social and medical supports is not only highly liberating but takes you to a whole new independent skill level.

A simple step forward is more hopeful than no step at all.
Book Information
ISBN: 978-1-925908-88-6
Genre: Self Help / Psychological
Language: English
Pages: 108
Publisher: Inspiring Publishers

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